I Gotta Tell You Something Really Important -You’re Being Robbed.

Some of you are being robbed on a daily basis, and you don’t know what’s going on and you can’t put handcuffs on the culprit.

The detectives aren’t out there looking.

The police ain’t gonna find them.

Because the culprits right there – right there!

The culprit is You!

What you’re being robbed of is joy and appreciation in your life. And the culprit is comparison.

You are losing value for the things you have in life because you’re comparing what you have or where you are to the results you’ve gotten, compared with other people.

It doesn’t matter how much experience they have or what they did to get it or how long it’s taken them to attain it… You’re comparing your life situation with theirs and you’re devaluing what you have and where you are. And it’s a problem.

I’ll give you a little example. I’m the type of person who likes to look good. I like nice shirts, nice-looking shirts, but I never made a big deal about quality.

I didn’t care about going out and spending $100 on a dress shirt. I’m fine with the $20-$30 shirt as long as it looks good.

But recently I got a gift of a couple of really nice shirts. The fabric was really, you know, secure and tough.

It’s double stitched, Persian material and all that stuff.

So, I wore these quality shirts for a couple days. They were nice, but I didn’t really notice a big difference compared to the shirts I usually wear until I went back and wore my other shirts.

All of a sudden I’m thinking –  these old shirts of mine don’t fit right, the material is flimsy, the stitching is terrible, the collar is this and that – and I started comparing the new shirts I got to the old shirts I was wearing. And that comparison completely took my joy away from the old shirts I was wearing because I had no idea that I didn’t like them. I had nothing to compare it to.

“Now I can’t wear these old shirts that I used to wear. Because I keep on comparing them to the quality of the new ones”

You’re doing the same thing with:

  • Your grades
  • The results in your business
  • Your Spouse
  • Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  • Your Children's behaviour
  • Your car
  • Your house
  • The phone you have
  • The amount of vacations you take
  • All the things that are important to you in your life!

You’re comparing to other people and it’s devaluing in your mind what you have. And it’s taking you away from life – the things that really matter.

Now I’ve got to tell you something really beneficial because this is not a video about being down about how you’re thinking and not being able to do anything about it. You can!

And as a matter of fact you do. You also compare in a way where you feel better about what you have and where you are in life.

But who cares about the things that you’re comparing to makes you feel better, right? Because no one wants to fix feeling better but you’re feeling bad when you’re comparing the opposite direction.

So, I want to let you know that you can compare in a positive way where you feel better about where you are.

Every time I travel to a different country, it’s usually countries that are less developed than mine here in Canada. So when I travel to another country and I’m seeing the way they eat, the way they live, the way their economy runs, their houses, the infrastructure – all I can do is be thankful because I’m comparing what the reality is I’m experiencing in that moment to the reality I’m used to and I’m feeling grateful.

I feel appreciative. I’m finding value in the life that I generally live through comparison.

So comparison can be a thief but it can also be a giver of  joy and appreciation and it’s extremely important that you understand this robbery going on because you control that.

Its your perception in your thought process that controls whether you feel value and appreciation with what you have or if your joy is being taken away and you feel discouraged with what you have.

That’s extremely important because when I found that out, it made a huge difference in my life. It transformed my view and perspective on life. And it’s something that can do the same for you if you put into practice.

So what I want you to do is to put this into practice right now in the comments below.

I want you to put two things:

#1) I want you to think about where in your life you’ve been comparing that has been taking joy away from you and put that in the comments below.

#2) I want you to think of where in your life you’ve been comparing and where it’s made you feel better about where you are?

It might just be that you have a car and someone was taking the bus. Or you’re taking the bus, and someone else is riding a bike. Or so you were riding a bike and someone else is walking.

There’s so many ways you can compare to infinite levels up and infinite levels down.

I hope you found value in this post and feel free to share it so others can experience the same realization that you have.

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