So the other day I was getting ready to go out and meet some friends, So I went through the whole “get ready” routine.

I took a shower, shaved, put some cologne on, and then threw a white shirt on.

So I went to give myself that last look in the mirror, you know the one where you smile a couple times, maybe even wink, and you agree with yourself that everything’s on point.

But during that look, I noticed there was a little bit of blood on my shirt. it must have been from when I was shaving.

So I did what any reasonable person would do, I threw my shirt off, right into the dirty cloths bin and changed my outfit.

But here’s what got me to think…

The wholeness of my shirt…was still white. It was only a small fraction, like 0.00001% of my white shirt that was tainted. But it was still enough to ruin the outfit.

Now I want you to take a moment and understand how this compares to your life – So hereʼs what I mean…

How often do we allow fractional moments and circumstances ruin the wholeness of our days, months, years, for some people their life times.

Just like the blood on my shirt, you may have days that otherwise overall were great, but you allowed one person, or bad moment, just a fraction of your day, to ruin it as a whole.

Someone might talk to you the wrong way, they might say something bad, you might miss your coffee or see something bad on the news.

You may just stub your foot getting out of bed in the morning and now an otherwise whole and flawless day, you allowed it to be ruined, and you just throw it away into the “reject pile”, just another bad day gone.

All over that one… small… moment.

“You can afford to have bad moments, you’re human, it happens, But you canʼt afford to let those bad moments turn into bad days, months, years and lifetimes”

Even on the extreme side of the spectrum, there are people who after a loved one passes away. They completely loose themselves after their death. From that point moving forward they are no longer the same person.

But see just because *their* time has come doesn’t mean you have to die along with them.

You see we can’t afford to allow your life to be tainted by any experience that comes our way, otherwise we are going to miss the greatness that life has to offer us.

I want you to notice something, no matter how hard you slam water, no matter how big of a rock you throw in it, it takes the impact, it reacts to it, thereʼs some splashes, thereʼs some ripples, thereʼs some waves, But very quickly, what happens?

It comes back to itʼs natural state. It finds balance, peace, calmness

And see, you have to find balance and peace, no matter what experiences life has to throw at you.

So to quote the late great Bruce Lee

You have to be shapeless, formless, like water.

…Be Water My Friend…

– Adrian

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