Buying stuff is fun isn’t it?working-from-home-tips-investing-vs-spending

There’s a certain high you get from trading money for a bunch of cool stuff, but there’s a problem there…What problem you ask?

Well, when you’re out buying and spending, you may enjoy what you get, but now your hard earned money is gone.

And there starts the rat race! The largest difference between the poor and the rich in this world comes down to what we’ll be talking about in today’s video.

Because in the business world, “investing” trumps simply “spending” because not only do you get that “high” from knowing you are going to receive something, but you also feel a unique excitement expecting your investment to multiply when it comes back to you.

Working from home tips everyone needs to consider…

On almost a daily basis I come into contact with people who want to invest into a home-based business (You know, so they can have some freedom, flexible, and a shot at a better lifestyle) and yet they bring up the fact that they don’t have the money at that moment.

I’m not saying that’s not a reasonable excuse, but what I am saying is that if you invest in a business, than your mindset should be positioned in such a way that you won’t worry about going into a little bit of a debt because you expect that money, and some friends, to come back to you in the form of profit and income.

Much different than going on a $600 shopping spree buying things that DON’T make you any money, and actually lose value as time goes on.

Personally, when it comes to spending money on expenses I am VERY cautious, BUT when it comes to investing money I rarely even consider the cost once I’ve done my research and decided I want something. Why? Because I expect my investments to come back to me.

If I told you to give me $200 today, and I would guarantee you $300 next week,
Would you give me the $200?…

In my experience, most people would NOT give me the $200, even if $300 would be guaranteed back to them the following week. Seems foolish? Maybe, but that’s exactly what many people do when opportunity knocks on their door.

Again, today’s topic is the difference between the rich and the poor, the striving and the thriving, the making a living, and the enjoying a living.

Enjoy today’s video!

{VIDEO} Working From Home Tips | Investing Vs. Spending?

How was that? Makes a bit of a difference on how you think about money now doesn’t it?

I hope so, otherwise I failed at my message ha! Don’t let a little investment scare you away from taking an action that has the potential to benefit your life. A little bit of re-budgeting of your money, and you’ll see that you can find a way to get things done. I believe in you.

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