Why do people quit? – So you made the decision to take your future into your own hands, you found an awesome business to get involved with and you were excited to share it with everyone, and even found a hand full of people with the same excitement that enrolled with you! Hurray! But then…

..A few weeks or months went by, and slowly they started to drop off and quit!? What’s up with that? Network Marketing Tips - why do people quit

Why Do People Quit?
My 2 Reasons Why…

Ironically, the two reasons people quit aren’t unique to just the network marketing industry, but apply to pretty much any industry, field, or passion most people follow.

In today’s video below I talk about some of my experiences and thoughts on this topic from the past weekend, but here are two big reasons on why do people quit…

1) They joined as a result of hype (that you may have created) and had unrealistic expectations of how much money they would make, how soon they would make it, and how little effort it would take

See, you as the sponsor have the biggest impact on their expectations coming into the business. Set their expectations high, you set them up for disappointment when it doesn’t become their immediate reality. If you don’t prepare their minds for the negative feedback and slander they may receive on their journey from possible friends and family, they could be shocked right out of the business and give up.

2) They measure their decision to move forward by comparing their initial time spent working the business with their immediate results aka money made.

You have to remember most people have been brainwashed into trading time and money for a living, and they accept that is the only way of earning an income.

Most People Associate A Dollar Amount With An Hour Of Their Time. Ex. $11/hour…

So it is your responsibility to set realistic expectations and not let them believe they will be rich by next month, and avoid using that type of hype just to get them excited to sign up. It’s not ethically right, and will not benefit your business or reputation at all.

Ofcourse, when it comes to the questions of why do people quit your business, there are other factors such as lack of proper training, no system to plug into, upline leadership, mindset, community etc. But the main to revolve around expectations in it’s many forms.

This also applies to any career, whether someones attempting to go to the NBA, become a lawyer, acting etc. Most people pursue things with an unrealistic expectation of what it will take to succeed, they meet the reality of what success actually takes, and then they quit and go through the same process in another industry, or settle for whatever job they can land.

This is the reality of pretty much ALL industries. So don’t let that hinder how successful YOU become.

Here’s a video going through a couple other key reasons people quit, what you can do as a leader to help others take massive action and succeed, and you even get an awesome view of San Jose, California 😉 Enjoy!

[VIDEO] Network Marketing Tips | 2 Reasons to Why Do People Quit?

Why do people quit? Because quitters quit. Why do people win? Because winners win. Sometimes it helps too keep it simple. 🙂

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    2 replies to "Network Marketing Tips | 2 Reasons to Why Do People Quit?"

    • Marie

      What surprised me was the fact you spoke ok something thats a double edge sword. I’m talking about the HYPE created in network marketing. The hype method is what gets most people pulling out their credit card to sign up. Then Once THE HYPE Fizzles OUT. The signup remorse sinks in.

      I truly believe that if you are upfront with the business from the jump, you will recruit strong, in it to win it prospects.

      What’s the point of recruiting 20 people and they fizzle in 90 days.

      But recruiting 3 strong people is wayyyyyy more likely to create the ripple effect.

      When you’re up front with your prospects they are going to replicate that same posture, which is great.

      Rather over hyping for a signup getting excited like this business opportunity is the best thing since Slice Bread!!

      • Adrian Logan

        Absolutely, I’m constantly hearing from people who reach out to me saying they were basically sold the dream and got enrolled only to be isolated and left to hang out andry by their upline after they got in.

        No support, no community, no mentorship.

        I personally go out of my way to make sure there’s an understanding.

        My 3 rules for working with anyone is the necessity of being coachable, has to have a core burning desire for change, and I need to be sure there expectations are in check.

        Hype does nothing for the industry as a whole, Thanks for your comment!

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