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People often ask “What is Residual Income” when they find out people are out there traveling the world constantly, or working directly from home on their own time, without ever having to punch a clock, report to an employer, or get permission to take a vacation or stay home with their sick child.What is Residual Income?

“The rich get richer” is a common phrase right? Well is it because it’s their destiny to have more money, and for you to be….wherever you currently are?

Absolutely not! We control our own destiny, and the ONLY difference between the majority of people, and those who are out there living a life of freedom and prosperity is this simple fact:

“The Rich Focus On A Completely Different Form of Earning An Income Than Everyone Else…
What is Residual Income?

While you were growing up in school, you were taught and trained to focus on a form of income that is IMPOSSIBLE to attain both wealth and freedom with…

What is Active/Linear Income?:

This is the most common form of income, and it’s when you make money as a direct result of the work you do (And nothing more). You have an agreed hourly wage or salary that you’re aware of well in advance, and offers very little, or absolutely NO LEVERAGE at all. You stop working, you stop getting paid. That’s it.

Even most of the jobs we’re taught to look up to follow this form of income, like Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Dentists and other self-employed professionals. As a matter of fact, even professional athletes, movie stars or other careers that have a high income still follow this flawed model. Once again, they stop performing, they stop making money. (Kim Kardashian is hating this concept)

As you can see, this can be great financially if you have put in the time, money and effort to get the skills to make a high income, the problem is, you still have to show each day to make the money…a slave to the system. (This is why most pro athletes get a few great years in of a high income, than go broke once they can no longer perform at the necessary skill level). There’s a better way…

What is Residual Income?:

This is the most leveraged, freedom providing, and exciting way to build an income (BUILD an income) because it allows you to do the work once, and then get paid time and time again without having to do the work time and time again.

It also allows you to leverage a piece of other peoples efforts and actions (unlimited), as opposed to simple receiving 100% of your own efforts (Very limited). Think of a book Author who writes a book once, and makes constant royalties off other peoples purchases of that book, or a network marketer who works hard over a few years and builds a large organization, and gets paid from thousands of customers and the efforts of other peoples actions. LEVERAGE.

We all have residual expenses like Cell Phone, Internet, TV, Electricity, Car Insurance, Mortgages/rent etc, that we pay for regardless of how much we use the service. Doesn’t it make sense to have residual income to fight the forces of residual expense evil??

Now don’t get it wrong, you can’t build a residual income in a week, so I’m not saying drop everything and go for it, but instead find a way that suits you, and start in your free hours until you are making enough to go full time.

“9am-5pm is when you make your living, 5pm-10pm is when you make your fortune”
– This is how I worked for 18 months. You just need to make the decision to start!

In this short video, I dig a little deeper into residual income, and how it can benefit you and your family:

What is Residual Income {VIDEO}

Did you find that useful? I hope it sparks something in your mind and helps you make the decision to pursue a better way to earn an income.

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I hope you’ve gained some valuable insight, and that I’ve answered your question to “What is Residual Income“. Please feel free to share with those you care about and comment below letting me know why you would want to build a residual income.

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Peace & Prosperity!

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