What Is Freedom?  What Is Freedom?
The 5 Levels Of Freedom

Ever sit alone, thinking about your job, your life, your country, and wonder to yourself “What Is Freedom“?

For the most part, when we speak of freedom, it’s usually in regards to either being out of jail or having a lot of money (financial freedom). But yet those who are “free” and wealthy still don’t find true joy.

What’s missing in all of your lives preventing us from having TRUE freedom?

Well in today’s video below I decided to outline my view on what it would mean for me to have true freedom, and the 5 levels of freedom that I believe are required to live a fulfilling life.

I think too many people are focused only on attaining financial freedom – believing that is the solution to all their problems.

What is Freedom? Entrepreneurs of all types could boost
their businesses and lives by keeping these in mind…

What is Freedom? The 5 types of freedom that I have narrowed everything down to is as follows:
– Financial
– Emotional
– Mental
– Spiritual
– Physical

As you watch the video and listen to me go through each one, imagine how lacking either of these too much would cause a limitation in your life.

It’s these limitations that prevent freedom in the fullest sense of the word from ever being reached.

Imagine. You are a multimillionaire. You have a library of books you’ve read and your wisdom overflows. You have mastered the art of self control and you are spiritually sound.

BUT…you can’t manage to go more than a few days without getting a major migraine, feeling sluggish, weak and low energy every day. And you’ve noticed recently that it’s taking more and more sleep for you to feel the same amount of energy. Used to only take 6 hours, then 7, then 8, and now even when you get 10 hours of sleep, you can’t shake off the heavy eyes.

Now how would that feel? Even with all that money and freedom in the other 4 areas, the fact that you are lacking in physical freedom causes your quality of life to be extremely low.

That is today’s point.

You HAVE to be the jack of all trades. Being the king (or queen) of only one form of freedom is not enough to be truly free.

I really enjoyed putting this video out, and I know you’ll get as much from watching it as I did making it.

What Is Freedom? | The 5 Levels Of Freedom


Did you enjoy that video on “What is Freedom“? I think this is a concept that should be taught more often so that as we age more and more, we make the decision to attain all 5 levels. Not just trying to get another dollar (Sometimes sacrificing our health in the grind-hard process)

If you did learn something in today’s video/post or felt you received value, please leave a comment below and share this with others on facebook. I really enjoy hearing the feedback I get with each post.

As always, remain strong, continue to push forward in your business and life, and stay consistent







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