Walk A Mile In Your Own Shoes

You hear “Walk it like you talk it”, Well, start talking as you have walked it.

These past 5, 10, 20, 30 years you’ve been through some things, and quite often…

You’ve forgotten how strong you are, what you’ve been through, and yet you’re still here!

Remember how far you’ve come through some dark times, and yet you still fear?

You’ve experienced so much, given so much, lost so much, learned so much.

Give yourself some credit. Don’t forget it. Chin up. Head up. Chest out.

I’m sure if your shoes could talk they’d let you have it cause they’ve been worn and stressed out.

Your lifes adventure to this day has been a battle you’ve persevered so it’s worth,

Taking a moment to reflect, on these foot steps you have left, to realize you too are battle tested don’t neglect to…

Acknowledge your strength.

Cause look, it’s no secret that life…isn’t easy.

And it damn sure isn’t fair. So when you look down at these shoes of yours don’t gaze off to the side and compare because…

Everyone’s got a story – And if you ask about it they’ll share, and I bet most times if you had the choice…

You wouldn’t trade your experiences… for theirs…

Walk strong.

Walk A Mile In Your Own Shoes

We all have a story. You Are Strong. You're Still Here…Please share & Tag a friend who needs to see this.

Posted by Adrian Logan on Monday, October 29, 2018





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