Overcoming fears…your inner fears, are NEVER questions of courage or bravery, it’s a question of comfort and self-acceptance.

Overcoming fears…your inner fears, are about recognizing that everyone is unique, with their own likes and dislikes, and you never have to feel compelled to conform to those of others…

You have your own…

The quality of many lives are far lower than they should be all as the result of limiting beliefs people have within themselves.

Choosing not to say, do, like, experience and pursue things in life all because they are focusing less on what they desire, and more on how others would perceive them upon acting on those desires.

Overcoming Fears:
– Wanting to spend that $3000 on an AMAZING TRIP 2 month trip, but choosing instead to put a down payment on a mediocre car. Because… what will people think of you if you’re still riding the bus when you get back?

– Wanting to invest in a business, pursue an acting or singing career, or doing something independent that aligns with your passions that are outside of the cultural norm…but what will your parents, friends, or peers think if you pursue a dream that has such a low likelihood of success?

– You have an amazing bond and connection with that man/woman who you’d like to pursue a relationship with, but their physical appearance isn’t up to par with the ridiculously unrealistic standard set by the media and celebrities. What will people think of you if they see you together?


The worst thing about limiting yourself as the result of inner fears is that they are always only PERCEIVED fears, and hold no real threat to your well being.

So in reality, we limit ourselves and lower our quality of life in vain.

Live Your Life

Most peoples inner fears that deal with “But what will other people think” are also always more significant in our own minds, than they are in reality to others.

Overcoming Fear.

Be comfortable in your own skin. Live, love, laugh, dance, sing, experience and enjoy your life.

Because when you come to the end of it, all the things we worried and feared over now, will be irrelevant in the end.

But remaining true to yourself, and not allowing inner fears to hold you back, will ensure a high quality of life, and peak experiences, that will one day, allow you to close your eyes forever with a smile…

To your Prosperity,

Adrian Logan….A continual student of life…
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