If you’ve ever felt like quitting in business, or really anything
you’reBusiness Motivation doing to change your life, the answer is to find business motivation.

The challenge for you will come when you lose that anxiousness and excitement to continue that you once had in the beginning.

You think that means you’ve lost interest or don’t want to do it anymore and you start second-guessing.

Really you may have just lost grip of the vision you had when you first got started.


“Successful People Ask Better Questions, And As A Result They Get Better Answers” – Tony Robbins | Business Motivation

There are 2 powerful questions you need to ask yourself to maintain and reset your business motivation whenever you feel like quitting, and that’s what we’ll be going through in the video below.

See, it’s easy to have all the business motivation in the world before you’ve even taken a step forward.

Before you’ve met with your first disappointment.
Before you’ve met with your first failure.
Before you’ve met with your first rejection.

The true test of strength comes when that business motivation and excitement has faded away a bit and then you dig deep into your core being and re-spark those feelings that you had in the first place.

Today’s video will explain the 2 powerful questions you have to ask yourself to continually spark that business motivation inside you again when you feel ready to quit.

"The Secret Of Success Is Learning How To Use Pain & Pleasure Instead of Having Pain & Pleasure Use You. If You Do That, You're In Control of Your Life. If You Don't, Life Controls You"

- Tony Robbins

You’ll notice as you watch the video that the 2 questions that will stimulate business motivation for you are in exact alignment with the Tony Robbins quote I put above for you.

Two Questions To Ask Yourself
For Ultimate Business Motivation:

1) Why did I get started? (What do you want to achieve, Who do you want to help, Who do you want to become?)

2) What will my life look like if I quit/fail? (Will your family struggle? Will you work 65hrs/week at a job that makes you cringe each morning for 20 more years?)

One of the questions uses your desire to attain pleasure to motivate you…

The other uses your need to avoid pain as motivation…

Both extremely powerful.

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The video below goes into more depth on these two questions and how you can use them to take you from a place of being unsure, unconfident and unmotivated, to a place of high energy and high spirit to crush the next 90 days and be able to re-energize yourself at will.

I know you’ll love it!

[VIDEO] Ultimate Business Motivation | The 2 “Must-Ask” Questions

Pretty powerful huh? The cool thing about these questions is they’re virtually guaranteed to work because they use your own main desires AND your main fears against you (Except it’s for the positive, so I guess it’s FOR you)

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