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the-power-of-wordsDo you pay attention to the words you use each day?

Do you recognize whether your words have positive or negative connotations to them?

The power of words you use through your day have a tremendous affect on how you think, feel, and the overall result in your business and life. We tend to think that we are in complete control of ourselves, but usually don’t realize that we can easily be effected by others and more directly – ourselves.

When you run into obstacles in our businesses (As everyone does!) you may notice that you go through various feelings such as frustration, confusion, stress, disbelief and many others. While you are feeling these emotions, you make choices on how you’re going to react to them, and how you will allow it to effect the how quickly you push forward.

The Power Of Words that being with “I Am”

It’s not uncommon for you to want to admit to yourself, or say to others things like:
“I am frustrated”
“I am stressed”
“I don’t get it, I am confused”

But the power of words like these will actually take that temporary feeling you have, and by stating it to yourself out loud or to others, you’re actually taking steps towards making it a much more permanent feeling.

You’re basically sabotaging yourself into becoming a slave to that exact feeling you’re having at that moment!

You’ve really got to watch how you refer to yourself when you say “I am (negative word)” because that’s exactly what you’ll become. Then if you make a routine out of that daily you’ll constantly be in that mood.

Do you really want to hypnotize yourself like that? haha probably not.

Yet that’s exactly what we do on a daily basis.

Solution? Use this to your advantage! Say empowering things instead like “I am persevering, I am growing, I am building my character, I’m overcoming tests”

Because in your business, that’s really all that it is. All those stumbling blocks and obstacles are just qualifying you.

Use The Power Of Your Words To Qualify You FOR Success!

Another qualifier for success is NOT using things outside of yourself as justification why you aren’t able to accomplish your goals.

Saying things such as:

“I would been ______ if it wasn’t for the economy”
“If _______ kept their promise I would have did _____”
“If I had more money….If I lived _____….If I didn’t have to_____”


Once again, the power of your words can influence you, and if you keep blaming everything and everyone other then yourself. You will never make steps forward.

You have to take blame and control of your own life.

Check out todays video on:

The Power Of Words – You’re In Control


How’s that? Do you have a better (basic) understanding of why you need to control your words?

I hope so, because I believe we all have lived for a very long time without realizing the power of words. It’s time we all build some self control.

If you found this post useful please share it with others and comment below. What are some negative words/phrases you’ve caught yourself saying to yourself?

Let us know!

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