The 4 Different Personality Types Of Prospects | Network Marketing

Have you ever found yourself chatting it up with someone,  Different personality types
and then thought to yourself “This person would be GREAT for our business”.

As you continue chatting you realize there’s a bit of a disconnect,
and that your personalities are different. The bits of information that you thought
would get him excited to know more (because it got you excited) isn’t causing much
of a reaction with this person – Why?

You come to the conclusion this person must not be open minded, and then pass on him never realizing the superstar you may have had right in-front of you.

There are 4 different Personality Types – Only 1 is Motivated By “Money”…

In the scenario mentioned above, many people walk away from a strong prospect, but if they understood the different personality types they would see they could be perfect!

In today’s video we’ll be going over in detail what the 4 different personality types are, how to spot them, what motivations each one has, and how you can ask certain questions to be able to better identify them when you’re in conversation.

You may be surprised at how many high quality potential business partners you passed on for not knowing this.

I’m an urchin/shark by the way (You’ll get it by the end of the video) 🙂

The 4 Different Personality Types Of Prospects | Network Marketing {VIDEO}

Remember: Everyone has traits of all 4 within them, but we all have a dominating type, so the big question is – Which type do you identify with most?? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear what motivates you the most.

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As you practice recognizing the different personality types you’ll start to notice them in all your friends, family, and peers. I hope it helps you improve your business!

Peace & Prosperity!

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