Have you ever been told to be grateful for what you have? One of the great success secrets – It’s really great advice!

But some people have it confused and use that as a limitation on their life. See, you should never be satisfied with what you have, you should never be complacent with what you have – always be setting bigger goals, and creating larger visions for yourself.

Success Secrets | Difference Between
“Wants” & “Needs”

Every possession we have in our life falls under one of two primary success secretscategories, either a want or a need.

What is a NEED?
A “need” is something that is essential for us to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

What is a WANT?
A “want” is a desire for something outside of our essential needs for maintaining a reasonable standard of living.

In the video down below we talk about success secrets and how to get not just what you need in life, but how to thrive and attain everything that you want.

A lot of people go through their whole life never doing the things they truly want to do, or having the things that would really bring joy to their life because their focus has always been on covering their needs instead of envision a real life of prosperity.

Here are two Success Secrets that will allow
you to work towards a life of abundance:

1) You’ll never get more than what you aim for – Sometimes you aim for something and you fall short, but rarely will you ever aim to have something and than miraculously get more.

Example. Have you ever made a goal of saving $1000 in a month, and somehow found that you saved $5000 when the 31st came around? Probably not, because you either get around what you aim for, or fall short. So knowing that, wouldn’t it make more sense to aim high? Then even if you don’t succeed in hitting it – you still succeed

2) To attain those big goals, you must suspend your disbelief – Some people set really big goals for themselves, and never get close to attaining them, not because they didn’t aim high, but because they let their disbelief creep in and made excuses. If you can’t hold the imagination or vision of attaining those high goals, you still wont achieve them.

Success secrets are not complicated or very secret at all, they’re actually pretty simple once you learn them.

In the video we talk deeper about this concept of “wants” Vs “needs” and paint a picture on how you can change your mindset to achieve whatever you want

[VIDEO] Success Secrets |
How To Get What You “Want” In Life

When I first learned this success secrets philosophy it completely changed the way I look at how I set goals, my intentions, and what I focus on and I hope it was as big of an eye opener for you as it was for me.

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