Prospecting Tips | Urgency Vs Resistance

Let me ask you – Do you have a business opportunity that you just know can change a lot of lives,
if only people would take a bit of time to hear Prospecting Tipsout the information with an open mind?

Do you find that your friends, family, and peers are hesitant to let you share your information with them on what you do? How does that feel?

See, you’ve probably been taught that if people aren’t willing to hear you out, give you a fair chance, or consider your business after you’ve presented it, that it’s them that has issues. That it’s them that has a close mind. That it’s them that’s making a big mistake by not joining you…

But The Truth is – The Fault is Yours! That’s right…

Today’s prospecting tips in the video below are going to dive in detail on the two main factors that will decide whether or not people are going to hear out the information on your business with an open mind or if they will continue to shun, resist, and ignore your messages, texts, and calls when you attempt to contact them (lol)

There’s a quote that I’ve kept closely in my mind for years ever since I first heard it, and this can be added to your growing list of prospecting tips if you really take it to heart and internalize it:

“People Don’t Resist Change,
They Resist BEING Changed”

What this is saying in relation to you, network marketing, home based businesses, and the industry as a whole, is that people have no problem making changes and alterations in their life if they see it as a genuine benefit for themselves.

But if you are doing things that make them feel like you are only approaching them to benefit for yourself from them taking action, they will feel like they are being pressured to change and that you have ulterior motives. As long as you remain genuine, it makes things a lot easier.

In the video below, We’re going to go in a bit more depth into two prospecting tips that are major factors you need to keep in mind if you want to have more success in your business:

Prospecting Tips | Urgency Vs Resistance {VIDEO}:

Did that help? The concept of increasing urgency while decreasing resistance isn’t taught as much as I believe it should be, but if you take what you’ve learned today, and think about the many different ways you can apply it (especially focusing on decreasing resistance, because high resistance is an epidemic in this industry) than you have no limits.

I teach my team various strategies for how to accomplish that with the business opportunity I promote, you’ll have to think about what some may be for yours 🙂

Please feel free to share this with your team, and comment below and let me know your thoughts. Is creating curiosity easy for you?

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Peace & Prosperity!

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