I’ve been asked many times if online video marketing actually works for building personal brands and generating leads for business, and my answer has always been the same for the past two years.

Without a doubt using video for both branding and lead generation is SUPER powerful, online video marketingand continues to become more popular as marketers realize how much money they are leaving on the table by avoiding using it.

Whether it works or not is no longer the question. Flat-out – video marketing kicks ass…

Online Video Marketing: The Real Question is –
Do You Have The Balls To Starts Using It?…

The people that haven’t capitalized on the ultra-effective strategy of online video marketing don’t have a lack of belief in it (in my opinion), it just comes down to the fact that AT FIRST getting in front of the camera will push your comfort zones, and challenge your beliefs about yourself.

What does that mean for you?

It means you’re going to experience mixed feelings, both positive and negative about the experience. Let me lay out the pros and cons of using the video (The cons aren’t really cons…)

Online Video Marketing:


  • Videos Stick Around Forever (Youtube isn't going anywhere)
  • People Start To Recognize Your Face, Voice, Personality and Brand (Celebrity Status!)
  • You Get Positioned As An Authority In The Mind Of The Viewer (Credibility +1)
  • You Can Record A Video Once & Train Unlimited Teams Members (Leverage)
  • You GROW As A Person Having Expanded Your Comfort Zone & Many More


  • Your First Few Videos Will Suck!
  • You'll Need To Face Your Fears In The Process (Uh oh!)
  • You'll Need To Buy A Super Expensive Camera (Joking - Just Use Your Phone At First)
  • You Have To Be A Super Model Or People Won't Watch (Joking - No One Cares...Seriously)
  • You Have To Be A Rich Guru To Have Anything Important To Say (Joking - Teach What You Learn As You Learn)

Hopefully you can tell that there are no REAL cons to online video marketing. It’s all about shutting up that little voice in your head, facing your fears and growing in the process, and putting value back into the market place so that you’re deserving of taking value back out in the form of progress, leads and ultimately income!

Online Video Marketing Makes You Famous?…

While in California I had a couple awesome experiences that prove the effectiveness of online video marketing and I decided to share it with you while sitting by the hotel pool.

Check out today’s video below, I know you’ll love it!

[VIDEO] Does Online Video Marketing
Work For Branding?

Pretty cool isn’t it? At first when I started having people I never knew call me from other countries with questions, or recognize me outside of my home town it felt weird that people would even watch my videos, but you just have to remember, you’re growing, and everyday you strive to build your business, there’s someone else just starting that knows NOTHING. You have value to share!

Go make your first video if you haven’t, and then leave a link to it in the comments below, I’d love to see it!

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I Appreciate you,

Peace & Prosperity!

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