Network Marketing Tips | Why Video Marketing Works

Ever wonder if making videos was even worth your time? network-marketing-tips why-video-marketing-works

A lot of people start their marketing efforts off with either just doing social media marketing (usually at a basic level just creating a fan page) or in some cases putting together a website and making occasional blog posts.

Both of which are a great start but in today’s network marketing tips video I give you a complimentary option.


It’s actually Video Marketing that attracted me to seek out Ray Higdon and join his team to do business with him.

It’s a great tool for helping you position yourself as a leader.

In today’s video I explain why video marketing works and also why I use it almost every time I give network marketing tips to boost the effectiveness of my message and build my brand.

If you can spend maybe 30min a day planning out what you want to talk about, and than creating a video, you can have MASSIVE growth in your business.

Just make sure you have consistency 😉

I did a video last week on how to make a YouTube video and the simple process I go through each time to do mine. It’s not too difficult.

Enjoy today’s video: Network Marketing Tips | Why Video Marketing Works

Whadda ya think? Have I convinced you of the power of Video Marketing yet? ha!

Well I’ll tell you what, even if you aren’t convinced yet on why video marketing works, I’ll still give you access to a Free 24min Video Marketing Training by two of the best in the business at profiting from videos.

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