Network Marketing Tips | Should You Teach Your Team Online Marketing?

Here we are in the internet age, and I’m here posing the question on whether or not we should be teaching online marketing to our network marketing teams.

Crazy? Rhetorical? Waste of time Adrian!?


But today’s network marketing tips video below may clear up some of the fog around the marketing tips

A lot of network marketers these days, knowing how much potential leverage there is through the internet, try to build their team completely (or mostly) online, and attempt to influence the rest of their team to do the same…for the most part with very little success

Why?…Three main reasons that I’ve noticed:

1) Lack of Further Investment In Self: Most IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) were so hesitant to invest in their business start up cost, that after doing it, they feel the rest of the business won’t require any further investment to grow (Or shouldn’t) so they never invest in learning the skills required for marketing successfully online.

So what happens is they go on social media platforms and begin to represent their company brand, throwing their links around, ‘trying’ to generate curiosity by talking about how great the company is, and do little more than cause HUGE resistance.

2) No Duplication: Learning how to successfully market online is not an overnight accomplishment. It takes work, developing certain skill sets and takes time. This isn’t duplicatable for your whole team simply because the average person won’t commit to it.

3) Relationship Building Can’t Be Automated: Network marketing is by all means a relationship business. It takes a genuine interest in getting to know people, identifying specific pains or problems, and helping to provide a solution and creating an emotional ‘bridge’ of sincerity. Bots & shortcuts don’t fulfill that.

Yes, You Can Automate A Lot Online…BUT…

At the end of the day, it is about building and maintaining relationships. You will have to speak with people, and you will have to pick up the phone and genuinely connect…and for the most part, networkers turn to the internet out of weakness to avoid having to do that… (With little success as you’d expect)

In today’s network marketing tips video below, I dig a bit deeper into the topic, and explain my answer and thoughts on whether or not we should teach our teams to learn online marketing.

Network Marketing Tips | Should You Teach
Your Team Online Marketing? [VIDEO]

Do you teach your team to market online? What have your results been? Leave a comment below on your thoughts, Do you agree, or maybe you have another point of view? Let us know.

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