Network Marketing Tips | Should You Attend Company Events?

Does your network marketing company have regional and international trainings and conventions? network marketing tips
Did you attend the last one?

A lot of people who haven’t achieved a moderate level of success tend to find ways to justify not going to their events.

Whether it’s not having the money, not having the time, not being able to take off work or finding a babysitter for their children etc, those who aren’t yet sold or committed on their dream find ways to avoid going to the events.

The problem is this – those very same people complain and cry about how they aren’t creating success or making any money, and yet the very actions they need to take in order to have that break through – they rationalize on why they can’t do it.

“Don’t Let The Reason You’re Doing The Business, Be The Reason You’re Not Doing The Business”

As far as network marketing tips go, that’s a powerful phrase. I first heard from one of my local leaders in the business I’m personally using to attain my goals and help my team attain theirs

So what’s the quote mean?

It means, we all have our own unique reasons we’re seeking residual income through this amazing business model. At the end of the day, it comes down to one of two things:

1) We either want more money – financial freedom – to be able to attain more pleasure, and get rid of money related pains…
2) Or we want more time – time freedom – to be able to enjoy the beautiful things life has to offer

Yet many people will use the very reasons they are doing the business (wanting to have more money or more time) as a justification to why they can’t do the business and attend events (I don’t have money, or the time)

Can you see the problem with that? If you aren’t willing to make the necessary sacrifices and commitment, you’ll forever be stuck in that loop until the day you quit and say “It didn’t work”. When in reality, it was YOU that didn’t work.

This is one of the largest network marketing tips out there because the events are universities for not only yourself, but most importantly your team, and not attending them is what is going to cripple your odds of success

“Not Everyone Who Attends Events Are 6- Figure Earners, But All 6 Figures Earners Attend Events”

In the video below, we’ll go into a bit more detail on the benefit of attending events, what you can expect to take away from them, and the REAL reason for making sure you get to every event if humanly possible.

…It will double and triple how far you go in your business 6 months from now. Watch the video now:

Network Marketing Tips
| Should You Attend Company Events?{VIDEO}

Do you see the importance of events now? Did you like the photos and videos I included in there? Hopefully you can tell I’m not a professional photographer, but I think I did alright haha

This is certainly one of the most powerful network marketing tips you can embrace, because it allows for ongoing education, experience and belief in the system of the company you’re with. Don’t give up!

If you got some value here today, please feel free to share this with your team, and leave a comment and let me know what you think the best part of attending events is in your opinion.

Peace & Prosperity!

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