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Wouldn’t it be cool to catch your best conversations on video?network-marketing-tips-how-to-create-a-video

Have you ever had an amazing thought (maybe even talked to yourself or without a friend) and than after you finished thought to yourself, “Damn, if I caught that on video people would have loved it!” ?

Maybe you even realized you could have used that amazingly un-recorded video to drive a call-to-action to a product you are an affiliate for?

Well in todays network marketing tips video I give a brief overview on how I create videos, and how I use them to my marketing benefit. Better yet, I show you how simple it is to do, and how you can easily start today at no cost!

How can you come up with network marketing tips video ideas?

I’ve been asked how I decide what to talk about. It seems as though many of the people who watch me that want to learn to make videos can’t think of what to talk about. Well here’s a secret. Listen close…


What do I mean? Well I actually just focus on answering questions or addressing problems that I see people having. If you want to give value, you have to solve problems. If you want to know what peoples problems are, you need to ask them, or research what people are saying their problems are.

That’s free! Just do google search, ask your followers or friends who are in the industry what their biggest issue is and then BAM. You got a video idea!

“Adrian, How do you memorize your video scripts
for your network marketing tips?”

I don’t! lol And neither should you.

If you read from a script it completely kills the connection and authenticity of your message. It doesn’t flow right all of a sudden, sounds robotic, and engagement decreases by like a MILLION PERCENT!

Here’s a few network marketing tips I’ve learned from my mentors for knowing what to talk about:

1) Choose a few key points you will touch on before the video based around your topic
2) Don’t think about how you will explain your points, just know what your points will be
3) Allow your natural thought process to occur while the video is running, and dig as deep into it as you need to get your point across while keeping the time in mind. (The little eye rolling when you’re thinking, and your natural body movements make the video look real, so keep it real!)

Out of all the possible video network marketing tips I could give you, this is the most important…

Show your personality and have fun!

It makes you unique, and allows your brand recognition to become very strong!

Check out today’s network marketing tips video below:

Isn’t it simple? I admit if you decide to edit your videos there can be a learning curve cause every editing software is different, but you don’t HAVE to edit.

Get wild, give value, and have FUN. Time to make your first video and crush it!

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Peace & Prosperity!

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