What was that? You say you aren’t having network marketing success because you’re not a great sales person?  network-marketing-success-salesperson-vs-problem-solver

Well allow me to rewire that thought process for you today!

It’s so absolutely common for everyone to think that it requires experience selling to run a business from home. We have a product/service/business venture and than we think that since we have to make people interested in buying/joining that we have to *SELL THEM* on it.

Don’t you think the image of a salesperson has become a little worn out and dry? No one likes being sold, and we are so used to having people spamming us and trying to shove their latest doo-hickey down our throat.

Especially on the internet in this info-generation

The real path towards network marketing success begins with this…

If you truly want to thrive in your business you have to understand the difference between simply being a sales man/woman, and being a problem solver.

Why? Well mi amigo, problem solvers, as you’ll find out in the video below in detail, focus not on trying to sell their product, but instead on helping provide value to the other person first….

They solve PROBLEMS. (I guess that’s why they are called problem solvers. Makes sense right?)

It will come to you as no surprise though that the reasons network marketing success is so rare is because a genuine desire to help solve peoples problems and provide solutions is so RARE.

Being a salesperson is easy. You just contact people, throw-up on them with your shiny new red ball or whatever, and then once they reject you, you simply move on to the next “sucker” and eventually you’ll “get one” right?….

WRONG! it’s inefficient, a waste of time, and ruins your credibility.

Problem solving = identifying needs,
and providing a solution
= Network Marketing Success

Does it take longer to be a problem solver? Yes
Does it mean you have to get to know people a bit first? Yes
Does it mean you have to care for peoples needs? Yes
Is it worth the time and energy? Abso-friggin-lutely!

Sit back, relax, takes some notes, and discover who comes out on top in the battle between the Salesperson Vs Problem Solver

Network Marketing Success | Salesperson vs Problem Solver


MMMMM, Delicious right? Did you have any “light bulbs” magically appear above your head?

No worries, it’s a common reaction when we finally learn what we have always been doing wrong.

I think the more people understand the difference between a salesperson and a problem solver, the more people would understand that achieving network marketing success does not have to be a far off dream, and instead a very possible reality.

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