Your alarm goes off.

It’s 6 in the morning and you begin to remember what you wrote down just before you went to bed.

6am: Wake Up.

6:30: Get IT done!

Twins Of Destiny

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Posted by Adrian Logan on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Now the “IT” can be anything, Gym, yoga, business, morning run, Whatever it is that you want to commit to. You know what your “IT” is

Now suddenly a voice presents itself to you. It’s your good friend motivation. Good ol’ Mo. When he’s with you he’s always ready to go, always pumped, always energized.

When motivations around you always seem to get your IT done. The problem is, when he’s not around…you don’t.

And Today. Old motivation can’t stick around. So Mo leans over and tells you…

“Today, you don’t have to do ‘IT’, there’s always another day”

So you go back to sleep for awhile. Nothing gets done. Nothing changes day after day. Cause motivation is not around. You can’t depend on him.

The next morning. Alarm goes off, same situation.

But somethings different. There’s a new voice already there as you wake up.

It’s your other good friend “Self-Discipline”…motivations twin

Now discipline. He’s not always excited, and pumped and energized to get things done like motivation is.

But he does it anyway.

Constantly & Consistently. Self-Discipline is reliable.

Self-Discipline never leaves your side. Self-Discipline always gets things done no matter how he feels.

And he helps you do the exact same thing.

So discipline leans over to you and says…

“Hey, I know you’re tired, I know you don’t feel like getting your IT done today.
But you promised yourself. So let’s get it done, together”

Tired and a mess, along with self-discipline you get up and you get to “IT”.

Everything gets done. Everything changes. And you’re now further along towards your goals

Now Motivation, he comes around from time to time. And it’s nice when he’s around, it makes things easier.

But you don’t depend on him, because you’ve learned to depend on his twin; self-discipline.

Motivation & Self-Discipline. These are the twins of destiny. Depending on which one you rely on, will determine where you end up down the road.

Everyone loves to talk about motivation – Motivations’ popular, but it’s self-discipline that needs more recognition.

It’s self-discipline that you want to build your relationship with. It’s self-discipline that you can control.

Motivation. It’s nothing more than your general desire to do something. But what happens when motivations doesn’t come?

Discipline is doing what you know you need to do, long after the motivation to do it has left you.

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want more.

Between what you want short term, and what you want long term.

So the question is.

Which one are you going to rely on moving forward?

Motivation, or Self-Discipline?

Choose wisely….



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