MLM Tips: Sponsoring Vs. Recruiting

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Out of all the mlm tips I give, this one is the most subtle…but can make a huge differance!

Sponsoring Vs. Recruiting?

I know a lot of people would use these two words interchangeably and think they’re just a sexier way of saying “Signing people up”, but that’s what I like to call…

Wrong. 🙂

There’s a HUGE difference in meaning between these two, and understanding the difference will help you understand why your team may not be doing as well as you’d like, and ultimately why you may not be doing so well yourself.

There’s a question you need to ask yourself by the end of this article.

“Was I Sponsored or was I Recruited into my network marketing company?”

So let’s start with the way the majority of people first got into their opportunity.

MLM Tips P1: Recruiting

This is the reason network marketing and MLM have a huge “pyramid scheme” logo stamped on its metaphorical forehead.

“Recruiting” creates a really bad name for the industry because of what it creates.

In its simplest form recruiting just means “adding a new member’.

That’s it.

And guess what?

That’s what the majority of people do, especially in the beginning. (Because they were recruited themselves instead of sponsored, so they tend to do what they were taught by example)

This is a TERRIBLE way to build a business, network, team or relationship because all  that people are doing is finding any possible way to get a person to “sign-up”, and then try to milk the new recruit for everything they’ve got like a cow by telling them to go “recruit” their friends and family in their warm market.

Nothing really gets taught, no transfer of knowledge or value and after the person signs-up, they are pretty much just left on their own to survive. (Most don’t stay for more than a couple months and then quit once their initial excitement wears off because there was no real support or training in place)

“Recruiting” is the worst way to build a business or network.

As most of you have probably seen, even people who succeed going the recruiting way (or lack thereof) only succeed temporarily because those “recruits” get no help, mlm tips, support, training, system etc and fizzle out 99% of the time once they realize instant-wealth isn’t possible.

Most of the people never desired to get into a network marketing business in the first place and were only convinced through promises of a change in lifestyle to join.

Which of course only comes if you have a burning desire and strong work ethic to achieve that new lifestyle, and learn how to “Sponsor” instead of “recruit”.

Which leads into what sponsoring actually is.

MLM Tips Part 2: Sponsoring

Ah yes!

Sponsoring is how strong, deep, and valuable networks and teams are made.

You can add this to your personal list of mlm tips…

Think about it like how people adopt a son or daughter. Do they just simply “add a new member” to their family and then leave them on their own?

Or do they spend time with that person, and teach that new member what they need to know to prosper, what they should avoid, and walk with them down the correct path so that once that child is on their own, they will know the right way to thrive?

That’s what it should be like when you SPONSOR someone into your team and network. It’s so much more than just signing them up or recruiting them.

When you sponsor someone you’re actually making a COMMITMENT to them and if you’re not willing to do that than you’re wasting both your times.

It’s your responsibility to teach them how to order products, how to get started, how to keep records, how to build and train an organization and how to sponsor instead of recruit so that the team can continue to grow etc.

Also, you need to teach them how to forward the most important mlm tips that they have learned down throughout the whole downline to create duplication.

They also need EASY to follow mlm tips that can be applied immediately.

It’s building a family really.

You have to work together.

That’s why greedy, get-rich quick seeking, selfish people don’t get anywhere in this business in the long term. That method only works for a very short time if at all.

But when you do this thing right, and sponsor people, and recognize it’s a family and a team, and that everyone is interconnected, than you will WANT to help people.

You’ll then see that success is created through sharing, providing value, and helping each other.

If you begin using these mlm tips with your team you’ll see a durastic change in attitude.

This is an industry where success is based off a sincere desire to help people grow and provide value. It might not seem that way because there are those who try to abuse the system, but if you take a look at those who are succeeding you’ll see leaders and teachers!

Network Marketing – still the greatest business structure out there.

Make sure you’re SPONSORING though 🙂

So what do you think?

Did you find these mlm tips useful? If so please comment below and “share” with other network marketers – maybe even your team on Facebook if they need to hear it. (They probably should haha)

Peace & Prosperity!



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