One of the most important MLM Tips I could give someone are things to consider when choosing a company to build.

I mean, when you first realized putting all your faith in a traditional hourly wage/salary job wasn’t the greatest investment of your time for the

MLM Tips Choosing a company

future of your family, you wanted to create a financial asset for your future right?

So you came across the network marketing industry, caught the vision and excitement of the possibilities, and told yourself “I’m going to build a residual income and live the life I ever wanted!”

haha we’ve all experienced that feeling, I still do!

So choosing a company that suits you, but most importantly one that will be able to provide you that long term residual income is crucial, and that’s what we’ll be talking about today in my MLM Tips video below.

Is There Such Thing As Choosing A “Bad” Company To Build With? | MLM Tips

Now this is a bit of a tricky question…

Do I think there are bad companies out there? Well I certainly believe there are companies I wouldn’t want to associate myself with, but whether or not their “bad” is left to the eye of the beholder!

Some of the things I personally considered and teach about choosing a company is:
– Don’t let the investment to join a company be the deciding factor (Initial investments can range from $40-$1500, cheaper isn’t always better)
– Will the product/service be consumed only by the representatives? (If the products won’t be consumed by those with no financial incentive to, the company likely won’t last)
– Has the company been around MINIMUM 5 years? (Most MLM’s fail within this time period, I prefer choosing a company with a proven track record so that they are likely to be around 20 years from now)
– Does the company structure provide TRUE long term residual income, or is it completely dependent on representatives remaining “active” (I’m building a financial asset for my family, I don’t want to build a company where my residual income is completely dependent on the retention of my team)

Theses are just a few MLM Tips to consider when choosing a company.

Watch the video below to hear a more in depth conversation I had with one of my prospective team members:

MLM Tips | Things To Consider When Choosing A MLM Company [VIDEO]:

Did you get some value from today’s MLM tips video? In my earlier days I also thought the compensation plan was the most important factor, and it took me meeting a couple mentors of mine and hearing from them the logic behind it all. Focusing on looking for a team environment that would properly develop your TEAM is the most important trait of all!

If today’s video turned on a light bulb for you, and you think others can benefit from hearing it, feel free to share, and comment below on what you personally looked for when joining your company (No links/spam)

Thanks, I appreciate you!


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Peace & Prosperity!

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