mlm-recruiting-secretsMLM Recruiting Secrets: What Not To Say To Prospects

Todays MLM recruiting secrets has to with something you should either stop doing, or make sure you never start..

Specifically within the Home-Based Business industry there are thousands of people who are over flowing with excitement and passion for running their own business.

Especially when they first start. (I know I was)

The excitement usually carries over and we end up trying to project that same excitement over to our friends, families, and social network peers which usually doesn’t end up so well.

Here’s the problem and HUGE mistake people are making.

What I’m talking about is this “trend” of network marketers and people in the home-based business industry criticizing people who work as employees on hourly wages through the use of derogatory statement and acronyms like “J.O.B” (Just Over Broke) to try to convince them their way isn’t working and that they should join your team and build a business with your company.

I understand a lot of people don’t mean to offend others when they say these types of things…

But you do.

And guess what? I promise you no one has ever joined a home-based business opportunity as the result of being mocked for working a job.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

So the smart thing to do would be to not go around bad mouthing other peoples jobs and lifestyle thinking you’re going to convert them over and make some money off them (For those who are only about the money) because all it really does is p*ss people off and guarantee that they will NEVER be open minded about your opportunity or business.

(How’s are these for mlm recruiting secrets? haha)

Show respect and people will likely keep an open mind.

Success as an entrepreneur is not a one person job. It requires you to rely on other peoples efforts towards YOUR VISION, and dedication from people who work for you in their “Jobs”.

There needs to be ethical standards within our industry and better leaders.

Obviously I agree that “employment” isn’t the most effective way to achieve financial freedom or most definitely isn’t anywhere near as stable as society would lead people to believe.

There’s a saying that goes:

MLM Recruiting Secrets: “People don’t resist change, people resist being changed”

And I think that suits this topic very well because if you sincerely want others to have a better lifestyle, you can’t try to force them to change, or mock their current lifestyle in hopes that it will make them change.

It only makes the resistance stronger.

If you want to convince people that your business opportunity is a great choice, than conduct yourself professionally, provide information as needed, and be as valuable to others as possible without seeking something in return. That’s the key to your success.

Also showing them that when they join you, your team has mlm recruiting secrets of your own that they can learn.

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What did you think of todays MLM recruiting Secret? Do you agree?

Now I’ve had this discussion with others before and it seems like I’m not the only one who has noticed all this going on, but I think it would be great to hear other views as well.

So please feel free to add to this discussion in the comments and give your view on the topic, what you have noticed, or how you feel. Time for the community to weigh in!

all_smiles-Adrian Logan



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