Mindset Training Starts Now. Here’s my obvious truth
for you. We all have 24 hours in a day (Genius right?)   mindset training

Knowing that, have you ever asked yourself, how much out of that 24 hours is TRULY yours?

What I mean is, every day we are busy being busy, and usually doing things we’d rather not do and yet we accept it as just being a sort of necessary evil that’s part of life.

What I challenge you to consider today is to take the mindset training you’ll read below and start analyzing what things are apart of your day-to-day routine that you either don’t want there…

OR that is there and not adding any value to your life…and then cut it off!

“Imagine You Are a Puppet, And Your Activities Through Out Your Day Are The Strings That Control You Like a Puppet Master. What Strings Would You Want to Cut…If You Could? | Mindset Training”

So back to those 24 hours we touched on.

Knowing that every activity and decision we make is either pushing us closer to our ideal life or moving us from it – as a “puppet” what are some of those strings you have in your day that you’d like to cut…if you could?

Is it that job you can’t stand? Well you can gain new skills and get a new one or work part-time towards earning an income full-time for yourself in a business.

Is it that TV that you hate to admit takes 2 or 3 hours of your evenings when you know you could be at the gym developing your health? You can “cut it” or replace it with activities that make you feel fulfilled (Maybe it’s being overweight that you hate too?)

Maybe it’s that burden of debt that hangs over your head every time you look at your bank statement? You can learn ways of better managing your money, or better yet, learning how to increase your income to get rid of them.

Here’s an excellent resource you may enjoy –  Success Secrets | How To Get “What” You Want In Life

The level of obviousness in this mindset training may be so simple it offends you that I bring it up.

But the truth is, millions of people go through life complaining over parts of their life as if they REALLY ARE puppets and have a master pulling strings dictating their life.

We choose what we do, don’t do, and have the freedom to change at will. Remember, we all have those same 24 hours.

Think about it, let’s say…
– 8 hours of sleep
– 8 hours of work
– 1 hour of total daily commute
– 2.5 hour of TV/Facebook/Youtube/Cute Animal Videos (for some, 2 hours is being generous)
– Another 1 hour between eating, showering, brushing teeth, washroom “stuff”
– 1.5 hours working out/exercising

That’s already 22 out of your 24 hours gone!

And we haven’t even included, reading, spending time with family or friends or other fun stuff!

So ask yourself, what do you purposely want to be there, and what do you want to change or cut out to allow you to literally live the life of your dreams? It’s all possible!

Write it down – Make it real!

In today’s mindset training video below I talk about this puppet analogy a bit more and offer a painfully simple activity at the end you can do to re-arrange your life and start living life – instead of just enduring it.

 [VIDEO] Mindset Training | How To Take-Back
Control Of Your Freedom:

If you’re anything like I used to be, you may be convinced that it’s enough to just think about what you want to change, or just think about your goals. But please believe me on this, when you physically write out what you want to add/remove or change in your life, it becomes real and things begin to come together for you to attain what you write down and envision. So get to circling and crossing things out!

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I Appreciate you,

Peace & Prosperity!

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