Millionaire Mindset” – Sounds luxurious yes? millionaire-mindset

….It is!

As you’ll find out in the video below, the millionaire mindset relates – in a nutshell – to how your success level will STRICTLY be in proportion to the amount of value and help you give to the people around you (your market/niche).

This means having a mindset where you focus first on helping solve someone elses problem, in order to ever have the ability to solve your own.

It’s a state of UNselfishness (not sure if that’s a word?)

And we all have this state of mind deep within us, but sometimes (through nurture, not nature) it gets clouded and we begin to focus only on the benefiting of ourselves in a very self-centered manner.

The Millionaire Mindset Requires Patience & Faith!

If you ask me, this self-centered attitude has a lot to do with the “rat race” mentality we’ve been forced into through general society.

Some of us grow out of it once we start to think independently. Begin to question “the system”. And start on the journey to self-education. (Learning things outside of the multitude of curriculum’s set before us throughout our lives)

In the video you’ll get a glimpse into the reality that you as an individual are NOT the center of the universe (shock, yes I know ha!)

And that your duty to yourself (assuming you want to create success) is to support and help others first, in order to eventually build success of your own.

The millionaire mindset is much more than a philosophy, it’s a way of life.

“You are everyone, and everyone is you”. Accept that fact, and not only will you help more people and create more success, but you’ll also become a much more peaceful person (I hope) knowing that you’re connected with the world around you.

Without further-ado, step into reality in today’s “millionaire mindset” video 😉 –

So whatcha think?

I know I know, at first the concept (commonly mistaken as “karma”) is a bit difficult to grasp, or believe. But if you were to read the biographies of past great men and women who achieved a high level of success, you’d understand why they made as much money as they did…

…and also why it’s called “The Millionaire Mindset”, not the “Slightly above poverty line, but at least I have my health, wait, not really, actually I’m kinda sick mindset”

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To you and yours!

milllionaire -mindset – Adrian Logan




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