Let me ask you a question,

Here you are in life, youʼre busy, you got things to do, youʼre working your way down this path of yours.

Whens the last time you took a moment and stopped, and glanced into that rearview mirror?

No not that one, not the one in your car

Iʼm talking about the one up here… in your mind, that reflective space in your consciousness that you look to when you want to reminisce on past experiences

Whens the last time you really checked that rearview?

Now whatʼs the purpose of a rearview mirror in a car?

Now Isnʼt itʼs purposes, so that when youʼre driving forward towards your destination, your goals, that from time to time you can glance up into it and become aware of your surroundings – your environment?

Whatʼs behind you, whatʼs around you, whatʼs your environment like? See It works the same way with the rearview mirror in your mind.

Because if youʼve fallen short on a goal in the past, if you canʼt reflect back on the environment that caused you to fall short on that goal, then the next time you create a destination youʼre going to set out for, itʼs going to be really difficult to learn from your past experiences to do it right the next time

“Hindsight is 20/20, Itʼs easy to know the right thing to do after something has happened, so thatʼs the perfect opportunity for you to reflect and learn from it”

So the question is, whatʼs been holding you back?

See every year you hear the same old thing from the same people.

New Years resolutions, new year new me, this is going to my year.

Well ye I hope so, But howʼd it go last year or the year before?

Hereʼs what most people donʼt realize, I know you do, but they donʼt know this…The people who really set goals and accomplish them, they donʼt wait for the number on the calendar to flip over before they go out start acting on those goals.

Whatʼs available to you on January 1 that isnʼt available to you right…this… moment? Nothing

“I donʼt want you to have a New Years Resolution,
I want you to have a New Days Revelation

That you can start TODAY to make any changes in your life that you feel need to be made.

Maybe it is to loose weight, maybe itʼs to change the people you hang around… your environment, because itʼs not supportive of the direction you want to go in life

Maybe itʼs finally leaving that job you hate, maybe itʼs getting out of that toxic relationship, starting that business, reading more books, or maybe itʼs just saving more money at the end of every month
Itʼs not a crime to not hit your goals, but thereʼs something to be said about the person who continually slips on the same patch of ice every single time, and doesnʼt take the moment to look back and take note of where the patch of ice is for the next time.

I donʼt believe we should wait for a particular day to make a change, if you really want change you have to commit to taking a step forward the moment that inspiration for change hits you.

Now donʼt get me wrong, I donʼt always hit the goals that I set out for myself.

I had a goal of taking a hot yoga class once a week, and I definitely did not hit that goal

But now I can check my rearview, right? My rearview. And figure out what was my environment that caused me to not hit that goal.

And maybe an even better question is, do I really want that goal in the first place

On the flip side I did hit some of my goals.

I committed to a massage once a month for a year, I committed to daily intermittent fasting as part of a lifestyle, and I committed to a routinely flossing my teeth….because in the past I really didnʼt make it a priority, but you get a couple cavities and you change your mind quick.

So the best part is now these things are no longer goals because theyʼve become habits.

So I want to challenge you, to adjust that reflective rearview mirror, and take a look into the goals you had set out for yourself for the past year, and be real with yourself, what did you set out for and accomplish? What did you fall short on…? What was the environment? What caused that? and then make the changes so you can step forward into your greatness into the future

Remember, the secret to getting ahead is just getting started. And I believe in you



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