How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

One of the most feared actions known to man! A quick google search on the topic will show
how many people are dying to learn how to how to overcome fear of public speakingovercome fear of public speaking.

Isn’t that kind of crazy though? We’re scared to talk to a bunch of people?

There was a study done that showed that most people fear speaking in public even more then they feared DEATH! haha

Growing up through high school, and maybe even more so in college, I learned quickly that public speaking was a critical skill to have, and at the time I was just as fearful of it. But you know what I realized? I usually was the most uncomfortable when I had to talk about:

1) Topics I didn’t know much about
2) Topics I didn’t have a passion for
3) Topics that I was forced to learn a lot about…

As a result, I was totally unconfident, got nervous, was self-conscious and couldn’t wait for the eyes to come off of me. As time went by, and now that I’ve had way more experience, I’ve learned a few key things that have made public speaking not only comfortable, but exciting!…

How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
& LOVE it!

Here’s a list of some things I’ve discovered that I think will help you tremendously in learning how to overcome fear of public speaking whether you’re doing it to grow your business, or just as a personal hobby and passion! :

1) Speak on your passions: As I touched on earlier, we’ve convinced ourselves that we despise public speaking ONLY because most the times we did it in the past, we were speaking on things we really didn’t enjoy or have passion for, so of course that caused us not to perform at our peak, which made us feel uncomfortable.

Because of that we created a negative association with public speaking and we’ve made ourselves believe we don’t like it. We can change that association simply by speaking on things we love, such as the business we’re in, topics we feel passionate about, or subjects we’re knowledgeable on!

2) Stop thinking about yourself: Just the fact that you have that fear or anxiety with speaking shows that you are – at that moment – being very inwardly focused.  You’re thinking about how YOU feel or how YOU might look. (So selfish haha)

Take a second instead, and ask yourself “What will my speech, testimonial, topic etc” do to help THEM (The audience)? How will I benefit them? Does my topic serve and support them? Start focusing on the benefits to the audience instead of the feelings within yourself. Through your speaking, you may motivate and inspire those people into their greatness…will you let your inner feelings take that away from them? And finally…

The most effective strategy on how to overcome fear of public speaking!…

3) PICTURE EVERYONE NAKED! (I joke) – Practise Makes Improvement: Everyone knows this, and it’s easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do. Don’t get caught up in worrying so much about being perfect, and just focus on getting better. The more you expose yourself to uncomfortable situations, the wider you’ll force your comfort zone and the more “desensitized” you’ll become to it all – Then you’ll LOVE the rush and excitement that comes with speaking! How to overcome fear of public speaking (2)

Now you may be thinking there isn’t always an opportunity to practice, but that’s not true. You can record yourself speaking in video, record audios and get more familiar with the sound of your voice (Will make you less self-conscious) and you can even go on websites such as and find organizations, groups, or events that hold speaking or discussion classes and get your practice in there.

There’s tons of opportunities, and this is one of the most powerful skills you can develop in your business.

“The one holding the mic makes the money” as one of my mentor always says.

Were these tips on how to overcome fear of public speaking helpful? If so, feel free to hit the “like” button on the side and share with those you know would benefit. Comment below and share any experiences you’ve had or ways you’ve found to help overcome your fears!

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Peace & Prosperity!

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