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That one moment comes…when you see an opportunity to do something that you KNOW you want to do, but for some reason your body stalls, your breathe gets short, and then a little voice whispers all the reasons in your ear on why now just isn’t the right time to act on that opportunity.

Sound familiar? Ah yes! The dreaded “comfort zone”. Responsible for failed follow throughhow to get out of your comfort zone on passions, inventions yet to be fulfilled, dreams left unexplored, and lives at times lived in vain!

“The scariest place to live is within your comfort zone” – Adrian Logan

A comfort zone doesn’t really sound too bad right? I mean – It’s comfortable. Some people never care to wonder how to get out of your comfort zone because they don’t see the undiscovered world on the outside.

The problem? Everything inside of that comfort area are experiences you’re already familiar with. No surprise, no excitement, no rush, no adventure. no progress, NADA!

As a child EVERYTHING we experience is outside of our comfort zone. Every car ride, every walk through the park, every new animal we see etc. so we learn and grow at a tremendous speed. Obviously as we age and mature, we get used to our surroundings and kind of level off. It’s at that point we realize we can either continue living a mediocre, boring, non-stimulating life…or…

…You can learn how to get out of your comfort zone, go further in life and experience more than we ever thought possible, and push our selves past our self-perceived limits and become unstoppable in whichever area we decide to pursue.

“Everything you want in life is outside of your comfort zone, If it wasn’t you would already have it!”
How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When’s the last time you took a super cold shower? Try it sometime. Just jump in your shower, crank on the cold water and jump in! You may think it’s a bad idea for the first few seconds until you catch your breathe, but I challenge you to try it and not feel absolutely amazing and energized when you come out!

That’s how it always is with every uncomfortable situation. You feel some anxiety and fear going into it, but you come out feeling super accomplished, a sense of progression, and peace of mind knowing you’ve just expanded your zone that much further.

So…how to get out of your comfort zone? In the video below we’ll go over a few ways you can start to make that paradigm shift to start actively looking for ways to expand and develop, as opposed to avoid and walk away from, the situations and circumstances that can and will help you achieve success and become potentially unstoppable.

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone | Be Unstoppable {VIDEO}:

Did that help? As you heard in the video, there really is no trick. There’s a bunch of things you can do to help you learn how to get out of your comfort zone, but at the end of the day, all you really need to do is find things you’re uncomfortable with and do them! Practice makes improvement and if you do, you’ll find there is never an “Immoveable object” in your life’s path.

If you did find value today please feel free to share this with those who have big passions like yourself, and comment below with some of the things outside of your comfort zone that you have overcome.

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Peace & Prosperity!

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    • Sabrina Taylor

      This is in fact the TRUE fear curator – moving out that comfort zone! You will go broke in your comfort zone. Comfort zone only works when you have a JOB ! Bosses love to keep people comfortable, that's called PAYROLL insurance. 🙂

    • Raziel Raphael

      Very well said …. I like the word unstoppable! Almost everyone are in their comfort zone and that's why when there's an emergency, they don't have cash flow to utilize it. Awsome video Adrian Logan

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