How To Create Powerful New Years Resolutions

Is this going to be “Your Year?” New Years Resolutions

You know how it goes – every year millions of people proclaim how wonderful things will be
and create some amazing new years resolutions

They make a few broad goals (more like wishes) on what they’d like to get done in a perfect world.

3 weeks in they’ve already broken the new pattern/lifestyle they swore they would hold on to the whole year…

A few bumps in the road, few challenges and couple setbacks later and they are down for the count…(Only 6 weeks in to the new year)…
And then? They’re back into their comfort zone doing the exact same things that they swore they would improve on from the year before haha

Do you want to learn some simple, but powerful steps
to help see your new years resolutions through?

The truth is, most people never really see their goals or resolutions become fulfilled because they set themselves up for failure from the very start.

They begin by putting themselves at a huge disadvantage. It’s equal to:

– Wanting to run 10k, but putting on steel toed boots to run instead of running shoes
– Paying tuition to go to college, but not buying textbooks, pens, pencils paper etc to do the work
– Getting a bunch of friends together to go play basketball, but not remembering to grab the basketball itself…

Maybe those are silly examples, but it’s just as funny when people set out some amazing sounding new years resolutions, but don’t prepare themselves in a way where they’ll have the best opportunity to achieve them.

New Years Resolutions Are Your Problems Solutions!

So in today’s video we’re going to cover 4 powerful tips that you should apply to your new years resolutions right away if you have already created them, or use them to develop new goals for the coming year right away.

Remember…what you do today will determine the outcome of your tomorrow.

How To Create Powerful New Years Resolutions

Did you learn at least one alteration you can make to your goals to improve the odds of you actually completing or following through with them this year? haha

If you did please feel free to share this with those you care about. I know I’m personally always adding on to what I want to accomplish and how I’m going to go about it. So don’t feel bad if you have to make some changes.

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Peace & Prosperity!

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