It hurts me to have to be the one to tell you this but the best years of your life… have already past you.

“If You’re Reading This There’s a Good Chance that the Greatest Year You Will Ever Live – Has Already Happened”

And this isn’t because of fate. This isn’t because of destiny. This isn’t because it’s the way it is.

It’s because up until this point and going forward, you may never decide to live a life by design.

You are going to fall into the expectations, and the ideals, and the needs and wants of other people. And holding that as a higher priority over the needs and wants and fulfillment of your own.

You see, for a lot of people…

The school, the career choice they follow, it’s not because they want to choose it, it’s because it’s influenced by the parents and what they want. Or the culture – What was expected of them.

It wasn’t because it’s something that you were living for yourself.

Some people are not making choices to fulfill on the passion that they want because they’re too invested in a career they’ve already followed.

They are lawyers already, they are doctors already, but they’re not fulfilled.

They’re not enjoying their life, but they’re holding that as the higher priority over what they actually want to do because being a doctor or lawyer or whatever you’re doing “sounds” better than what you want to do.

It sounds better to who?

See a lot of people are in relationships that they’re not fulfilled with. But they have children, they have a house, how will they make it on their own?

They blame their circumstances, and their circumstances are the reason why they can’t do what they want to do.

“Circumstances don’t limit you – your creativity limits you. Your willpower limits you. Your desire to act on what you want limits you”

See for a lot of people, the biggest reason that they’re not going to have a better life, the reason that you may not ever live a better life moving forward than you did in the past, is because you haven’t believed in yourself.

“You Are Bound Only By Your Perception of What’s Possible in Your Life”


You don’t believe it’s possible.

Your ideals. Your self-belief is limited.

Your idea of what’s possible for you is limited. The other person, they can do it! But for you, you can’t?

Now when I’m talking about a life of fulfilment, I’m not talking about being an astronaut. I’m not talking about being a celebrity actor. I’m talking about fulfillment for you.

That could simply be learning a new language. That could simply be starting to paint. Buying a canvas because you’ve always wanted to paint. That could be, starting an organization, starting a charity, become an entrepreneur… speaking on video.

It can be whatever it is that you find fulfilling and that you have not done. And most people aren’t doing it because a lack of belief. They have a limited belief about what’s possible for them.

As if there’s a higher opportunity for everyone else but you. It’s not true!

You know I spoke with a woman, a lady recently, she’s now 93 years old and she was telling me that for the past 50 years of her marriage, she lived for her husband. She didn’t know what she wanted to do. She didn’t find joy in her life to commit to, to take actions on. She did everything for her husband.

how to be happy in life

She told me that she wanted to travel, she’s always wanted to travel and experience other cultures, experience other worlds. And for 50 years of her relationship, she never did that.

She’s finally doing it now and you know what it took for her to do that? Her husband dying in her early 80’s, that was 10 years ago.

So for the past ten years, she’s finally got reason, she’s finally committed to herself to do what she’s always wanted to do.

She’s been traveling for a couple months, coming back to Canada, traveling for a couple months, coming back to Canada, going away for a couple weeks, coming back to Canada. She’s been fulfilling her desires in her 80’s and going on 90’s now. It took her 80 years of her life to start doing what she wanted to do.

Now that’s great but I hope that it doesn’t take you that long.

You know there’s a good thing and a bad thing here. Good news or bad news, what do you want to hear first? Bad news? Okay.

So, bad news is the majority of people reading this still will never have a better year moving forward that they did in the past. Their best years of their lives are behind them.

…The good news is that doesn’t have to be the case for you.
You can make the decision today!

Start acting on what you want to do in your life.

Find fulfillment in your life.

Because the last thing you want to do is be 95 or 100 years old in your deathbed and looking back in your life and having regret. Realizing that you lived for everyone else but yourself… Realizing you lived for your parents, your spouse, your husband, your wife, for your culture, for tradition, through the expectations of society. And you did everything for everybody else, but not YOU.

You don’t have to die with regret.

Now on the flipside of that, you could be 95 years old in your deathbed feeling the life being drained from. You know your time has come. But when you think back and you reminisce on your life – Instead of thinking about regret and what you could have, should have, would have done you can be thinking about what you did!

And so when you’re thinking back reminiscing on your life, the nurse is going to walk in and ask what are you smiling about?

And your response is going to be

“My life! I’ve lived a great life. I can go on peace.”

So, do you want to die with regret or do you want to die with a smile, knowing that you did everything that you wanted to do?

See at this point, there’s two things you can do.

I want you to understand. Now you can continue living the life you’ve already lived or you can continue taking steps down that path to what fulfills you.

Here’s what I want you to do!

The best way to make a change in your life, the best way to solve a problem in your life, is to help somebody else solve theirs!

So, what I want to encourage you to do is share this post.

By sharing this post, you might literally save somebody else’s life that should be, as opposed to them living where they currently are. Because you sharing this post will give someone else a chance to live the life that they always wanted, and in doing so you’ll be on a path to doing what you always wanted.

So, please share this post/video, and start making a change in your life by helping somebody else make a change in theirs.

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