There’s not many home business tips more applicable than
toHome Business Tipsday’s, because we’re going to cover one of the most asked questions in the history of the home business industry.

A lot of the time it’s asked out loud, and more often than not it’s only asked in a persons head:

“Can You Guarantee that I Have Success?”

First of all, when someone asks you this, just know right away that they are asking from a place of low energy.

What they are doing is subconsciously trying to remove the responsibility of working towards their own success from themselves and HOPING that you accept that responsibility on their behalf.

They’re trying to remove all possible risk from taking action on getting involved in the business you represent.

Which is pretty ironic since as you know, it’s the risk that makes business so wonderful! Risking some time and effort (which is going to pass anyway whether they start or not) for the opportunity of both time and financial freedom.

“The Risk Is Small Compared To The Potential Pay-Off” | Home Business Tips

Since they are coming from a place of low energy (Never breeds success) if you respond in a way that reinforces that weakness than you’re not only doing them a disservice, but you’re also setting them up for failure and ensuring they never become that leader you ultimately want to work with.

Weak Response Ex.“Ofcourse! Everyone makes money, just look around, so many people wouldn’t be involved if they weren’t making anything! Just look at [Some Top Earner Name] He’s a millionaire now! That could be you! Just get started”

Not only does this type of response not serve them, but it also reinforces the already negative stereotypes of the home business industry – and that’s the last thing you want to do.

Instead you want to have a postured response that not only sets them up for success, but also shows you’re a leader, that you’re serious about your business, and that you’re integrity is in the right place. High Energy!

Postured Response Ex. – “Absolutely not, and I’m a little concerned that you’d even ask. What I CAN guarantee is that there’s lots of money to be made, but whether you do or do not have success is completely in your hands. If you’re willing to be coachable and put in the work there’s no limit. But it’s going to take WORK. So if you’re ready to do that I’ll be there to match your energy and take it as far as you want to go, if not, this may not be for you – So tell me about your goals?…”

This is a much more powerful response because for one thing, it sets the expectation where it needs to be

Giving the illusion that it’s so simple they pretty much just need to sign up to make a check not only prevents them from seeing this as a long term, serious business that requires effort, but it’s also bad for you!

Why? Well don’t you want to work with someone willing to develop and become a leader in the team themselves? If the expectation that’s set is wrong, they’ll get involved, do very little, realize $10,000 didn’t get deposited in their bank right away, and then quit within 30 days

…It’s a waste of THEIR time and investment, and certainly a waste of YOUR time,
which is much more valuable than money (But you know that already…)

It’s home business tips like this that I feel are not spoken enough by leaders in this industry.

Below I go a bit deeper into this topic by giving you an example of when i was asked this very question recently, and you’ll hear my further recommendations on the topic. Enjoy!

 [VIDEO] Home Business Tips | How-To Answer
“Can You Guarantee Success?”:

Powerful right? Don’t shrink when asked that question, instead stand up straight and put the pressure on THEM to decide whether they want to grow and see change, or fall back into the life they complain about.

Always remember, it’s YOU who has the opportunity, and it’s you how decides who you work with. The power is completely in your hands. (<<Home Business Tips Rule #1)

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Home Business Tips | How-To Answer “Can You Guarantee Success?”

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