“Why is it always so hot outside?”

“Why is it always so cold outside?”

“Hey is your internet connection working right now? Cause my page is taking like 5 seconds to load. It’s so slow!”

Did you see the traffic today? It’s going so slow; people just don’t know how to drive!”

“Listen all I know is, Netflix needs to add some new movies, because I’ve seen all the good ones and I’m tired of watching the same season over and over again…

Sound familiar? You may be hearing this on a daily basis. If we were being real, you may be the one saying it…I know I have.

You know, all our lives, complaining seems to be a common thing to do. You expect
things to be one way, then they don’t and you complain about it.

Webster’s Dictionary Defines “Complain” as “To Express Grief, Pain, or Discontent”.

It’s kind of crazy if you think about the current time period we are living in.

Kings, Pharaohs and Emperors of the past couldn’t even have imagined living with the conveniences you experience today; with all their power and wealth, the life you’re living right now!

Have you noticed it doesn’t matter how much a person has, there’s always room for complaints.

Did you know just a couple hundred years ago the average life expectancy was
under 40 years of age? Literally half of what it is right now. Things like refrigerators and super markets as we know them today, are less than 100 years old.

Take for example, I was on a plane one time flying from Canada to Thailand. It was about a 20 hour long flight, and I over-heard a man just a few rows down complaining, like severely complaining about the service he was receiving on the plane.

I couldn’t help but think to myself…

“Man, you are on a airplane flying across the world in less than a day! You’re 30,000 feet in the air; you’re relaxing and watching a movie.

You’re playing on your phone that’s capable of instant access to infinite information; a magical glass and steel box that holds the keys to man’s current understanding of the world

Did I mention that you’re flying…!!?? 

So smoothly and steadily that it actually feels like you’re on the ground, when you’re still up in the sky, in an airplane, flying!”

We have so much to be grateful for, its actually hard sometimes not to take it for granted.

“Dissatisfaction is the Mother of Innovation”

…So I don’t believe in just settling for what we have.

I do, however, believe we should be grateful for what we have, and as a civilization spend a little more time rooted in gratitude, instead of constantly having our arms folded in disapproval at every little flaw or setback that comes our way.

See, you already know that complaining does nothing but emphasize the thing you are irritated by; it makes it even more real.

Remember this:

“As long as you count your blessings,
you’ll always show a profit”

That’s all I want for you, is to realize your profit for the day.

We’re living in a time where abundance and opportunity is all around us.

My intention is to ground you, even just for a moment; to have you sit there in a temporary state of gratitude. Even if it’s just for the 2min it took you to read this blog.

Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; but choices.


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