How long has it been? How long has it been since you were last in touch? How long have you been fighting for custody of your INNER child?

You remember right? That version of you that you’ve been coming in contact with less and less with each passing adult year?

Fighting For Custody

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Posted by Adrian Logan on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Remember how back when we were children we looked forward to every day with fascination and wonder? Each passing day was met with anticipation about what new things we’d see and experience and learn.

Back when our minds were filled with unanswered questions, and the curiosity to “know” drove us forward on newer and more exciting little adventures.

It was Albert Einstein who said,
“I have no special talent, I’m just passionately curious”

It’s that curiosity we’ve got to get back to.

When was it that you started losing grip with your inner child? For a lot of ua it waa back when we found ourselves lead into a life of routine and responsibility. As adulthood imposed its will on ua.

We became more familiar with the “real world” as the expectations of society took us by the hand and lead us through school, and getting jobs and beginning our adult lives.

Of Course as children we couldn’t wait to grow up, right?

I still remember when I was young, an older lady came to me, and put her hand on my head, she looked me in the eyes and said “Never grow up, It’s a trap” as she smiled and walked away.

Remember back when we expressed our creativity without fear of judgement or the opinions of others?

Whether it was singing or dancing, creating or playing, building or making. We did it because we enjoyed it. Not because it was what we thought other people would approve of.

Remember when we went after everything we wanted, relentlessly. Whether it waa getting a new toy, going to that new park, getting that ice cream. We know what we wanted, and we werenʼt easily going to give up or forget about it.

As you listen right now, are there some hopes and dreams you may have given up on or no longer believed it was possible for you anymore?…maybe you’ve pushed them to the side and will get to it “someday”.

“Someday” is not a day of the week.

But you do have today. Maybe it’s time to unleash that child-like persistence back out again.

Do you remember how we used to have such a HUNGER for adventure, so much so that we could turn some pillows and blankets into a cave, legos into a pyramid or a cardboard box into a castle.

When are you going to let that inner child back out and experience real adventure again?

Remember back when we were so quick to forgive, and so slow to hold grudges? Back when friends could turn enemies and back to friends before school was out. Maybe it’s time we let our inner child take control over how quick we are to forgive.

Becoming older doesn’t always mean becoming better.

In many ways tapping into that child-like spirit can work magic on how much joy we have in our lives

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