Have you ever felt like you were being held down? Not by a person, but a feeling that there’s a burden on you, like you’re not able to quite be yourself?

See, I’ve been feeling it too and it’s starting to concern me

It’s like when I’m with my girlfriend I feel like I can’t connect with her, almost like I can’t get close to her. Like there’s something between us.

I try to be active and I feel weighed down, I can’t think, my balance is thrown off.

Even at work I can’t focus on my job. It’s like there’s always something between me and what I’m trying to do.

I got tired of feeling this way so I did some research *Nod silently with smile into camera*  and I found I was being held down and buried by what they call ummm…

Baggage Check

It can be a heavy burden to carry. We all have them. How do you deal with them?…((Leave a comment))Share and tag a friend

Posted by Adrian Logan on Monday, July 16, 2018

”Emotional Baggage”

Yeah, emotional baggage.

So what that is see, it’s like…imagine if you can, having these bags hanging off of you weighing you down. Except the weights on your mind.

Inside of these battered old bags is a mix of negative, unprocessed, unresolved emotions that we haven’t quite come to terms with yet.

And as that baggage piles up, we continue to drag it with us as it weighs us down, and it begins to dictate our experience in our present reality.

Before we know it, it begins to spread like a virus, putting this dark and pessimistic filter over what otherwise would be a pretty good life that we live.

And sometimes, that baggage is us projecting our worries about the future, here into the present, and find ourselves carrying baggage from an experience that has not, and may not ever actually exist…

Kind of crazy right?

There’s a chinese proverb that states:

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.

If you are anxious you are living in the future.

If you are at peace you are living in the present.”

Now look, we can’t ignore or get rid of our past, it shapes and determines who we are today. But we can come to terms with it so it doesn’t cloud our present.

A major key to dealing with emotional baggage is distinguishing between what happened in our past & the story we tell ourselves about what happened in the past

For example:
If that person broke up with you, the story you may tell yourself is that you aren’t a good person. What actually happened is they just ended the relationship.

If you did bad in school, the story you might tell yourself is that your dumb, or that you’re not as smart as everyone else. What actually happened is you just don’t go good with tests.

What happened is what happened. But it’s us that puts a meaning or story on it that may or may not actually be there.

To move forward in life we’re going to have to release these burdening thoughts and let that emotional baggage burn.

Sometimes you’ll fall short but you keep trying. And in some cases even use it as fuel to motivate and inspire us to move forward in life.

You’ll feel more and more weight being lifted off of you. Until the point where there’s no more baggage holding you down from living the life today you were meant to life.

If we can focus more on living in the here and now, and being present, not only will the weight of that baggage be lifted off of us, but it will start to improve our relationships, friendships, careers, health and all the key areas of our lives

Marcus Garvey said it best:

“None but ourselves can free our minds”

Let’s not allow experiences we can’t change to effect the ones that we can.


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