Sure, the term “Attraction Marketing” may be a new-age phrase… attraction marketing building a personal brand

But Attraction Marketing has been around for THOUSANDS of years.

From The Messiah in the bible,
to Hitler,
to Martin Luther King,
to Barack Obama and many more!

All these people had a specific personal brand that was compelling to their followers, and caused HUGE amounts of people to follow them as a result of today’s topic of building a personal brand and how it ties into attraction marketing.

All those leaders (Even Hitler, not that I supported his ways) found a way of marketing VALUE.

They had a very authentic and likeable brand BECAUSE they gave their opinions with confidence, didn’t care what people thought about it, and had a certain posture to them that screamed “Leader”!

How many network marketers have you seen that are desperate?
That’s the opposite of Attraction Marketing!

Maybe it’s you?

See, so many network marketers and business people are chasing after their warm market, friends, family, co-workers, elderly in the grocery store, Chinchillas at the pet store, rocks on the beach, I mean it gets pathetic… (A joke)

If you are running around buying leads, handing out flyers, and dropping business cards and stuff like that, then you are making everyone else the “Attractor” and you “the attracted” (= Bad)

But guess what? When you focus on building your personal brand, you can begin to feel comfortable in your own skin.
You will begin to embrace who you are, what you love, the way you look, talk and the personality that comes along with it.

When you do this, you show CONFIDENCE…

And confidence is sexy πŸ˜‰ …I mean attractive (attraction marketing lol)

In today’s video I explain WHY being yourself and building your personal brand is a major factor for attraction marketing. As you’ll soon see, I spare no time being fake or not embracing who I am.

That’s at least one thing that I do pretty well at…now it’s your turn πŸ™‚

[VIDEO] Attraction Marketing | Building A Personal Brand:

Don’t you feel so much better now?

No more needing to pretend like you are some stuck up business man/woman.
No more stressing out trying to act like you have all the experience and credibility in the world.
No more being fake and trying to be something you’re not πŸ™‚

It’s just so much easier being yourself! And that’s what Attraction Marketing is alllllll about. CONFIDENCE & POSTURE.

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What do you do to build your “attractiveness?” lol

Talk to ya soon!

Adrian_childΒ  (That’s me! lol…4 years old, cute right?)





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