success tipsToday’s success tips topic is a very special one because they come straight from my notes that I’ve taken while going through a pretty intense course..

Seen the movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street”?

Pretty awesome movie, right? Well that whole movie was based on the true story, life and experiences of a salesman named Jordan Belfort –
A true guru of direct selling

Now, we can agree he’s done some pretty unethical and downright immoral things during the height of his career that the movie portrayed. I’m not saying I support that.

But as far as sharpened skill, success tips, and talent goes – He’s THE man.

Now in his course “Straight Line Persuasion” he diggs into some pretty intense lessons and training’s that I know could massively help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

But for today I’m going to share the notes I took about a very important topic in the course and that is…

“The 3 Internal Strategies For Dealing With Fear | Success Tips”

As I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, the largest obstacle people face keeping them from any form of success is fear in one form or another. Whether it’s:

…Fear of making that call because you worry you won’t say the right thing
…Fear of presenting at your local business events speaking infront of a crowd
…Fear of prospecting that one person for your business because you’re scared of rejection

All the way down to every day scenarios like:
… I’d like to take that person out for dinner, but what if she/he doesn’t like me?
(As an adult  you may think you don’t feel this way anymore, but don’t kid yourself, you may not consciously think that, but that’s the general feeling of fear you’re experiencing in that situation 😉 )

And ofcourse all of that is normal, feeling those emotions are completely naturally.

However below we’re going to go through the 3 strategies for dealing with fear, and pointing out which are best and why.

The 3 Internal Strategies For Dealing With Fear
Success Tips

1) Pretend Your Fear Doesn’t Exist (Weak):

Rather than looking at your fear and dealing with it, you end up doing the exact opposite and act like it’s not even there. This may sound like a great way of going about it, but by doing that, you’re shutting the door on all the potential that would have awaited you at the end of that path.

Doing this makes you a creature of circumstance, always looking for the path of least resistance, and ultimately never getting anywhere in life. Don’t act like your fears don’t exist. They do and you know it.

2) Act In Spite Of Your Fear (Better):

Sure, you’re scared – but you do the thing anyway! Acting in this way will give you the potential to go anywhere you want in life – but at a cost! With each action you take, that weight of stress and anxiety compounds, and although the fear doesn’t hold you back, it leaves you full of stress, anxiety, and sometimes even resentment.

3) Understand And Embrace It (Strongest):

This means not only being aware that the fear is there, but also understanding where it comes from, and creating a shift in how you think about it. By doing this you not only will begin to accept the fear, but actually begin embracing it because you know it leads to your goals, and they can’t be attained without them

This picture to the side illustrates that shift pretty good.

In the video below you’ll learn more about these success tips and how to apply the
strongest one to your life.

[VIDEO] The 3 Internal Strategies For
Dealing With Fear | Success Tips

The dots really begin to connect once you identify and learn that there’s 3 ways of dealing with fear don’t they? I hope you found this to be as enlightening as it was for me when I learned this. Now start working towards understanding your fears an you’ll be well on your way.

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I Appreciate you,

Peace & Prosperity!

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The 3 Internal Strategies For Dealing With Fear | Success Tips

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    • Latjor Bom

      This was a very valuable lesson. I will keep this in mind. Great lesson Mr. Logan

    • Caleb Wright

      Great post detailing ‘3 Internal Strategies For Dealing With Fear’. It’s true, fear and ourselves can be our biggest enemy if we don’t know how to tame it.

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