Hey! My name is Adrian Logan.

(How you doing?)If you’re on this page I’m guessing your either lost, or you sincerely care about my “story” in which case I really should say something then right?

Usually this is where a dramatic “rags to riches” story would be put (And I’m sure I could create a really cool one too!)

But the truth is, I’ve heard some super motivational stories of people overcoming the largest of obstacles to get where they are. Stories that could bring grown men to tears…My life hasn’t been as interesting. Haha So I’ll just keep it real.

Where to start?

I was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada in the Tri-City area of Kitchener-Waterloo

My entrepreneurial adventures began back at about age 6 when Pogs, Marbles, Dice and Trading cards were “it” in my complex.


See that picture? That’s me! I’ve changed I know. I don’t look much like I used to do I?

You might be laughing to yourself after reading that, or wondering why I would include that. But that’s honestly where it all started.

If you read most peoples stories, they start it during their high schools years or in college. Not me. I’m CONVINCED it was those days back as a youth that charged by spirit to be an entrepreneur today, which lead to being an entrepreneur, network marketing and much more.

Learning at a young age the financial potential that business presents.

Knowing that I could take the two dollars my mom gave me for taking out the garbage (job), “invest it” and then turn it into ten dollars by “networking” in my community through the varies “ventures” that I was involved in (business: pogs, marbles, trading cards etc)

See how it all fits in?

I also credit my entrepreneurial spirit to the fact I grew up not having a whole lot, with my mom raising us 3 children as a single parent all our lives working a low-wage job. (Hope my mom doesn’t read this, she always hated when I spoke about our situations to people haha)

Subsidized government housing and constantly having to move every year due to financial and circumstantial problems forced my mind to think differently.

That mindset change has served me well ’till this day, although for many people those “hard times” would be what they use to justify why they couldn’t follow their dreams.

It’s really all about your mindset. It’s never your situation that should determine the decisions you make. it’s always how you view your situation. Will you beat it, or will it beat you?


I’m a firm believer those hard times granted me a certain view of life that is really hard to come by if you grow up financially comfortable.

So even though there was a lot of struggle and hard times, I’m extremely thankful for my childhood. It presented an environment that my mindset blossomed from.

Also, as I learned from Bob Proctor: “Your parents gave you everything they could, and they couldn’t give you what they didn’t have. Now it’s your job to take control and steer yourself towards your dreams”

So we really can’t blame our parents.

Anyways, as time went on and I got older I began finding more profitable ways to make money in business as I saved up from jobs I did.

I got my first taste of how to make money leveraging the internet.

I decided to start investing into electronics, clothes, shoes, bags and other apparel through eBay and some wholesale websites based overseas. It was there that I learned a valuable lesson. That you have to be willing to lose money first by investing into products, before you can make money later on, at a profit, when people purchase those products from you.

This is what separated me from most would-be entrepreneurs back then because, like today, many people aren’t willing to invest unless they are sure to get immediate returns.

This is of course a necessity in business and a reason many don’t reach success. I, on the other hand, knew it could be weeks or months until I sold my investments and actually made money, and I was willing to take those risks.

That went well for a couple years (for someone my age)but the big take away wasn’t the money.

Again, the big advantage was the growth of my mindset and seeing how money can be made outside of being an employee for someone else.


While in high school a friend approached me with the oh-so common phrase “Hey, would you be interested in making some extra money?”

As anyone would there first time, I thought  “I guess I’d be a fool to say no”.

So as you can guess, I got invited to my very FIRST “meeting”

I thought it was for a job. Everything was nicely set up with the presenter at the front of the room. Soft music playing in the background. Everyone in nice business attire laughing and mingling, and of course no one would tell me what the meeting was all about.

The presentation was convincing. Everyone seemed friendly and it got my attention when I saw how much money could be made. Plus their was a guy there that was 16 and making $35,000 a year. I was 17 making a hell of a lot less. So I joined!

The common “network marketing story” was in full effect at that point:

  • 1) Got my stater kit and training!
  • 2) Presented the products and business opportunity to all my friends and family
  • 3) Every one tried telling me it was a "pyramid scheme and only those at the top make money"
  • 4) I ignored them
  • 5) Continued to make cold calls, asked for referrals, approached people on the street and at school
  • 7) Couple months went by, warm market dried up, got discouraged, slowly gave up…

Sound familiar?

Then time went by and some other friends were making money in another company and approached me once again.

I told them “forget it!…Pyramid Scheme!” (I didn’t know what I know now)

They pleaded with me to go and offered to drive me there and back. Told me “I don’t have to join, just check it out”. So I decided to give in and go check it out.

Plus they were my friends, so I didn’t feel like hearing it the rest of the week. I found out from them I’d be making money selling life insurance. I figured it was a pretty economy-proof idea right?

Same situation, different location.

  • Big event location
  • Everyone wearing business suits
  • Nice soft music
  • Drinks and treats offered
  • Extremely motivating host and speaker highlighting the amount of money people make
  • Everyone turning to me and the other guests with open eyes, a smile and the *so whatcha think? You wanna join the team?* face.

From that point I went to many network marketing meetings. Joined a couple more companies. Made a few sales. Got tired of failure. Quit them and moved on.

At that point I kind of gave up on being an entrepreneur for a while. I was done high school and tried doing the whole “full-time job” thing and tried finding a career. 4 years went by going from low-wage job to low-wage job and I still wasn’t satisfied.

Not to mention those jobs were depressing. A lot of the time being surrounded by older folk constantly reminding me what life will be like if I don’t pursue my goals and dreams.

Forced to wake up each morning in pain, going to a job you don’t like, to live a life with limits.

I knew I had to push forward.

I tried switching paths so I decided to do what my family always expected me to do. GO TO SCHOOL.

I still had my entrepreneurial spirit so I went to college for MARKETING!


I found it interesting to learn about the minds of consumers, and how to market to certain people differently based off their needs and wants. Learning how to target a product to specific types of people and all the psychology behind it.

It was great! Except there was one problem…

I was still being trained to work for someone else. The emphasis was continually on graduating as a marketer and then going and working for someone else’s business and that’s the last thing I wanted to do.

Not a bad career for some people, but for me it didn’t click.

I finally got through all my classes and stuck it out and graduated as soon as I could get my “paper”

I was finally a marketing grad! Yet it really didn’t mean a whole lot to me. (didn’t even go to my graduation lol)

I still wasn’t where I wanted to be but during my last semester in school I joined another Network Marketing opportunity to help with paying off my tuition. It was at that point that I began to learn how amazing network marketing could be, and how the internet could be used to leverage a business to new heights.

I began spending money on online courses from various leaders, buying books whenever I could and realizing the true meaning of “investing in yourself”

I started building relationships with great people, started towards putting together my own products/services with people I’ve met, and have discovered the potential and possibilities of what not only myself, but honestly anyone could achieve if they put the work in.

Making money through your own business isn’t a matter of whether you CAN or CAN’T.

Anyone can.

It all comes down to whether you DO IT or DON’T DO IT. Prosperity in anyway is a result of your mindset and willingness to work through failure. (failure is a requirement for success!)

it’s all a choice and you have the potential if you choose to.

Keep in mind it doesn’t matter what your background, education, income level, or anything else is.

Your past doesn’t matter, it’s all about your heart!

I personally only work my business part-time right now. I love to travel and I have other passions I also pursue, and the business and team I’m building allows me to do those things.

It's about how strong you're ultimate purpose is, and your willingness to sacrifice who you are right now, for the person you want to be later.

You have to be willing to make sacrifices. Some sacrifices are small and some will be so big you've never even considered sacrificing them. Sometimes that's what it takes.

And you know, I didn't learn anything in school that I didn't learn through my own self-education outside of school. Through accessing mentors, meeting like-minded people and investing in myself through books, products & courses online, my eyes were opened. Yours can be too and I'm willing to help.

Success has no limits, and neither should your goals. The key to accomplishing either of those begins with taking action as soon as you can. Procrastination is a KILLER on the path to financial freedom.

Just like everything else in life it's a continual learning process, and time is the one thing we can't get back.

There's no level where you should stop learning.

I'm still a student of the game (as you should always be). I love life, I'm always growing and learning, and my story is far from over. I love what I do, I love helping people achieve their goals and working from home, and I love the opportunity to change other peoples lives

Find someone you respect, who is where you want to be in life, reach out to them, and humble yourself enough to be coached by them.

To be continued - for as long as I live…

Much Prosperity and Success to you. See you at the top!

~ Adrian ~
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