You know that one time when you were frustrated with your business results (or lack there of) and were just dying to know what the secret mlm MLM Prospecting Tipsprospecting tips were that all the big industry leaders use?

Take a deep breathe because todays video is going to dig right into the 2 most important mlm prospecting tips that you can begin using today to change your business (You may be a bit surprised…)

Most MLMer’s Start Off Great & End Off Terribly…

Every week consistently I have people who contact me through a variety of ways:
– Facebook Messages
– Text Messages
– Youtube Messages
– My website contact form…etc

What are they trying to do? Usually they are doing the right thing by trying to build a relationship with me so that hopefully I can get to know them a little bit, which leads to liking and trusting them.

…The end game is the hope of me joining their primary opportunity.

So everyone starts out the right way, but so many people forget the most important step!…

Pick up the phone & call your prospects!
It’s the greatest bridge builder next to meeting in person

Using skype or any other application that allows for VERBAL dialogue is fine too. But I think the phone is even better than skype because your attention is automatically focused when you have the phone to your ear. Usually anything going on around you goes unnoticed.

If you are on skype, there’s all these pop-ups, facebook messages, videos you can watch etc that can distract you or your prospect.

The phone outweights texting or fb messages like CRAZY because on the phone you’ve got them in a corner where they have to respond swiftly. It’s an opportunity for you to hear any objections they have, overcome them, and get right to the root of their decision.

To add to your closet of mlm prospecting tips

 – Prospect Up & Grow Rich –

If you’re able to get someone on the phone who has already experienced a level of success in another industry, you have a wayyy higher opportunity to build your business quickly. If you can prove to them through your passion and excitement that it’s a great opportunity for them, then you have someone with experience and the mindset to start rocking your team!

Don’t fall into the routine of only speaking with people you are comfortable talking with…- But you know what?

In todays video I go into it all a bit deeper. So jump in and hit PLAY 🙂

MLM Prospecting Tips | The 2 Crucial MLM Prospecting Tips


I know, I know. You think these two mlm prospecting tips are for amateurs yeah? Newbies only?

Well you’d be interested to know that almost everyone that I’ve spoken to with complaints about not being able to sign-up new people into their team, when asked, admit that they were not doing one (or both) of these tips.

Sure they’re simple, but they also have a history of getting people to leave their comfort zone, and that’s something that so many are afraid to do.

So I encourage you to step out of your padded room of comfort, and go head first into that cold, dark, scary area of discomfort and start heating things up to make a change in your business and life.

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